DAP TE and MAP TE are quality full compound fertilisers that contain high levels of copper (0.32%) and zinc (0.64%) in every granule. Full compound fertilisers offer improved handling over coated products (where chemicals are sprayed onto the surface of the granule).

All of our TE and Extra products in the cropping and pasture ranges contain DAP TE or MAP TE in the blend to supply copper and zinc essential trace elements. The ratio of DAP TE or MAP TE varies for each product and ranges from 50% (e.g Whitgrow TE and WhitBoost TE) to 30% (e.g Whiflow Extra and Whityield Extra).

In addition, a number of other products (including granular trace elements) can be custom blended together to create unique fertilizers that can be used by farmers to meet specific nutrient requirements for individual paddocks.

Whitfert have a custom-design Ranco blender which optimises both the advantages of the bulk blending system and can be tailored to suit  customer’s needs.

For further information on product blending, contact us on 1800 654 089.