All products in the Whitfert range and custom blends are available in 1000kg - 500kg Bulka Bags.

To place an order please call 1800 654 089 and speak with our sales staff. 

Alternatively you can also order online via our secure click-and-collect portal.

Please note the following when collecting Bulka Bags from Whitfert Kwinana

  • Bring a pallet for each bulka bag for loading, or they can be purchased at a cost of $30 per pallet.
  • Load restraint is required (Strapping).
  • Ensure collection vehicle is certified to take Bulka Bag weight (please note many 1 tonne utes cannot actually legally take 1 tonne).
  • Trailers brought on site to collect product require brakes in working order if the load exceeds 700 kg.
  • If you have any other queries please contact 1800 111 801, we thank you for your cooperation on these loading requirements to ensure a smooth pickup.